Utilizing a Chakra Pendulum: A How To Information

The way to use a chakra pendulum

Start by laying down in your again (or, in case you are performing the chakra pendulum train on another person, have them lie on their again on a floor that’s tall sufficient so that you can have a cushty place and never be leaning into them. You do not need to create a “push,” the place you’re pushing vitality out of your discipline into theirs).

** In the event you want a fast evaluate of the placement of the chakras within the physique, click on right here to leap to that part of this web page. **

Holding the twine of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger about 4-6 inches (or 10-15 cm) above every chakra. When the pendulum strikes, observe its route and motion.

chakra moving clockwiseIf the pendulum strikes clockwise, that chakra is open, well-balanced, and full.



chakra moving counter clockwiseIf the pendulum strikes counter-clockwise, there could also be blocked vitality or unreleased feelings regarding that particular chakra.



chakra moving ellipitical swingIf the pendulum strikes in an elliptical swing, there could also be a right- or left-side imbalance of vitality flowing within the physique. This can be attributable to overusing the precise masculine aspect or the left nurturing aspect.



chakra moving erraticallyIf the pendulum strikes in an erratic swing, it’s attainable that you just (or the individual you’re performing the chakra pendulum train on) might have not too long ago modified their beliefs or are going by way of a non secular upheaval, which may have an effect on the chakra’s motion and trigger it to maneuver erratically for a few days.



chakra not movingIf the pendulum doesn’t transfer in any respect, it’s possible you’ll be holding the pendulum within the incorrect location. If that isn’t the case, then there could also be a blockage in that chakra.


Remember that the scale of the pendulum’s circle is a results of your vitality discipline, the pendulum’s vitality discipline and your topic’s vitality discipline all mixed collectively. Which means that your individual chakra well being and the well being of your individual vitality discipline could have a direct affect on how efficient you’re at studying others’ chakras.

With apply and expertise, it is possible for you to to select up on the entire completely different chakra qualities and be capable to learn whether or not somebody goes by way of pleasure, peace, readability, heaviness, darkness, or despair – all from checking their chakras along with your pendulum! Keep affected person with your self as you determine the place the chakras are and find out how to correctly use your pendulum to test them. This ability is certainly a realized and practiced ability that can enhance with time and expertise. You will note outcomes in the event you maintain at it and apply!

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