The place Does It Go

Thinkin’ on the various instances I close to singed each of my ft
drinkin’ milkshakes, any kitchen, binged on decks with Kelis
sinkin’ in, that refined itchin’, hinged on valves for launch,
tinkerin with thermostats, switchin’ to dad: preserve warmth

Oh now, right here we go, holdin’ on for the experience,
making an attempt to maintain breakfast down, time to swallow my satisfaction
I’d favor it when you didn’t press my cross to imbibe
Coercion is, in sum, a really unhealthy vibe

Hum all you really meant, to vary the air within the room
Is it the summer season of your discontent, a son gentle, on fumes
Say true, shove light into that good sturdy doom
so lengthy, I row with Eliot, my whimpers go growth
Come now

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