The Hardest Hamstring Train: The Nordic Curl Hip Hinge

Within the sports activities world, probably the most infamous injury-prone muscle group is undoubtedly the hamstrings. Tune into the Olympics this summer season, and also you’ll most likely see what I imply. Fittingly, by taking a web page out of their e-book, it’s price contemplating this pretty unconventional strategy—on this case the Nordic curl hip hinge—to creating them bulletproof. If you happen to’re a lifter who both carries a variety of dimension and muscle mass, OR one who’s simply beginning out, this can be one to take heed of.

For the hamstrings, a lifter is sensible to concentrate on deadlift and curl patterns respectively, as this may deal with each of the first actions of that muscle group: Hip extension and knee flexion. In lots of instances, lifters and coaches will fail to handle one and solely concentrate on the opposite. With that mentioned, a typical go-to for a lot of sensible coaches and lifters has been the basic glute hamstring increase, Nordic hamstring curl, and every of their variations.

To be clear, there are particular advantages from these workouts they usually undoubtedly earn a spot in a given program.

However on a private observe, a rising variety of shoppers I’ve labored with within the basic inhabitants (sure, that would come with lifters identical to you) have curiously voiced some qualms with the sample. In the event that they’re not simply plain too weak to tug these off with good type, they’ll even be susceptible to complain of discomfort from these variations within the type of ligament stress within the knee.

Right here’s my philosophy: The identical method a leg extension might be unfriendly to the knees of sure lifters as a result of anterior shear (because the tibia is transferring whereas the femur is held mounted), I’m drawn to imagine that with the femur transferring whereas the tibia is held mounted, the identical phenomenon is occurring within the type of posterior shear. As the burden of a lifter’s higher physique begins to fall ahead this joint stress will make itself manifest. Immobilizing the femur whereas sharing the accountability of the hamstrings’ motion is a method to enhance the state of affairs. If that appears like jibberish, stick with me and skim on.

Tips on how to Carry out the Nordic Curl Hip Hinge

Whereas Nordic curls focus very dominantly on knee extension and flexion, the Nordic Curl Hip Hinge retains the femur in a single place so the knee joint has to endure fewer stress forces as a result of a continuing change in load-bearing angle.  Right here, the hamstrings are being requested to concurrently maintain an isometric knee flexion and actively lengthen the hip joint, making for a way more full engagement that’s friendlier to the joints. Including a light load whereas being trustworthy with the reps will expose that it doesn’t take a lot to actually torch the hamstrings.

This motion is easy in execution, however all bases have to be lined to make sure you have the precise setup. When you do, it simply could exchange different GHR based mostly variations because the go-to to enhance curls and deadlifts.

Discover any safe house that you may hook your heels below. Squat cages with adjustable security bars are sometimes a very good wager. Bear in mind, the floor ought to block your HEELS, not your Achilles tendons. Be certain that the ft might be stored in a impartial place, and never plantar flexed. It might take elevating the shins on some benches or mats (see demo video) to do that.

  1. Kneel dealing with away from the equipment, ensuring to remain tall to start out.
  2. Cross the arms over the chest, and fall ahead by 2 inches – JUST ENOUGH to really feel the knee joint start to increase and the hamstrings activate. It’s actually the primary 1/tenth of an eccentric Nordic curl (see first video).
  3. Maintain that hamstring rigidity, and shift the main focus to the hip joint. Hinge proper over by letting the torso “take a bow”. Don’t let the hips fall ahead or sink backward. Maintain them in place.
  4. Squeeze the glutes and drive the hips by means of as you come back to a tall kneeling place, permitting the posterior chain to get you there.
  5. Intention for units of 12-20 easy, rhythmic reps. Add gentle weight held throughout the chest as seen above if wanted.

Not solely will this sample really feel extra accessible than basic GHR’s or Nordics, nevertheless it’ll additionally really feel extra snug. That covers all of the bases for each starting lifters on the lookout for nice hits for the hams, and intermediate lifters who carry some dimension, and could also be asking an excessive amount of of their knees and hamstrings to be doing the unique variations of this elevate. That’s what I name coaching sensible.

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