Sharpen Up Your Lats With The Kneeling Straight-Arm Pulldown

There’s a couple of method to “offer you wings,” and this one doesn’t are available a can. Lat pulldowns goal the broad, flat, winged-shaped muscle coveted by many lifters. Though pull-ups and chin-ups stay the gold normal for constructing the lats, lat pulldowns and the kneeling straight-arm pulldown variation is a worthwhile software to extend quantity for improved measurement and power good points.

In contrast to pull-ups/chin-ups, lat pulldowns permit a number of grips and physique positions to assault the lats from numerous angles for even muscle growth. I believed I’d seen most of what the lat pulldown needed to provide till I got here throughout this variation from Gareth Sapstead, MSc CSCS, a famend physique coaching specialist, Olympian coach, and creator of Final Abs, brings his intensive experience to information you in his Kneeling Straight-Arm Pulldown.

However be warned. The kneeling straight-arm pulldown might offer you wings.

Why Lat Pulldown Are Good

Right here, Sapstead explains why lat pulldown must be an everyday a part of your routine.

“Common lat pulldowns ought to be a part of your “huge rocks” when choosing the greatest workout routines to construct most muscle. Whether or not you do them overhand, underhand, with a large or slender grip is as much as you, and there are numerous benefits to every. They’re a compound motion tried and examined to construct your lats and general again width and recruit your biceps and forearms.”

Kneeling Straight-Arm Pulldown Advantages

Nonetheless, not many workout routines are ‘isolation’ per se as a result of muscle tissue work in unison to perform the duty; straight arm lat pulldowns are as near an isolation train for the lats, explains Sapstead.

“Straight-arm lat pulldowns are an isolation train that can be utilized strategically to isolate your again and lats. That is advantageous for individuals who battle with feeling their lats working throughout common pulldowns.

You are able to do these in numerous methods to emphasise loading totally different parts of the train (i.e., totally different levels of shoulder extension); for instance, beginning additional again and away from the cable machine would change the purpose of maximal loading extra in direction of the center and backside portion of the train.” says Sapstead.

While you take the advantages of the straight-arm pulldown and alter your physique place, the wing magic solely improves.

“Barely leaning over might help goal the stretched portion of the motion extra since you’ll improve the vary of movement and the stretch. Because of the size of the rope and wanting to keep up pressure in direction of the highest of the motion, it is smart to kneel on the ground.

This may be good should you’re trying to pre-fatigue your lats earlier than a again exercise, use it as a part of a superset (pre-fatigue or post-fatigue superset) with pull-downs or pull-ups, or “end off” your again in additional isolation in direction of the top of your exercise” explains Sapstead.

How To Do The Kneeling Straight-Arm Pulldown

Though numerous attachments are used for straight-arm lat pulldowns, a rope attachment just like the one proven lets you assist your wrists and helps take away your grip and forearms from the motion.

Right here, Sapstead provides some additional kind ideas that will help you get probably the most out of this glorious train.

  1.     Kneeling on the ground, leaning over to stretch the highest of the motion.
  2.     Maintain your elbows barely flexed however on the identical angle all through, and drive your elbows down by your sides. Whereas doing so, take into consideration your lats whereas performing the motion. A great cue right here could be to “burst oranges between your armpits” to interact your lats maximally.
  3.     Return to the highest so far as potential, attempting to get as a lot stretch in your lats as potential.
  4.     For some with weaker triceps, chances are you’ll really feel these right here too (significantly the triceps lengthy head), however general, you need to really feel a superb contraction and pump in your lats after doing these.


Sapstead suggests two to 4 units of 12-20 reps for optimum outcomes. Consistency is vital, and should you can stick with this train, you will be assured that it’s going to repay in new progress and width to your again.


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