Paraquat MDL Courtroom Bounces Plaintiffs with “Implausible Theories of Proof”

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In early Summer time we shall be attending yet one more bench and bar convention on Multidistrict Litigations.  The organizer of the convention just lately requested us to change from a panel specializing in MDL issues to a panel discussing potential options.  In fact, we agreed, as a result of we’re all about being cooperative and constructive. Proper?  Probably not. Grousing is less complicated than fixing.  That’s very true on this matter.  Any reader of this weblog has been subjected to our incessant criticism of MDLs – the warehousing of meritless circumstances, the asymmetrical discovery, and the grinding settlement equipment.  After we scan the MDL panorama, we see much more dysfunction than effectivity. 

However each infrequently, we see an MDL court docket take cost, get issues proper, and start the essential strategy of separating the wheat from the chaff.  There’s nearly all the time far more chaff than wheat. 

We want the choice in In re Paraquat Merchandise Legal responsibility Litigation, 2024 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 57124 (S.D. Illinois Feb. 26, 2024), concerned prescribed drugs or medical gadgets, nevertheless it’ll do. Plaintiffs claimed accidents from publicity to Paraquat.  The court docket early on entered a case administration order (CMO) referring to “Deceased Plaintiffs’ Submissions and Circumstances Primarily based on Implausible Theories of Proof.”  The MDL court docket tells us that the CMO mirrored the court docket’s concern “in regards to the presence of circumstances on its docket that current implausible or far-fetched theories of legal responsibility, and due to this fact wouldn’t have been filed however for the provision of this multidistrict litigation.”  

How good to have a court docket that truly acknowledges the if-you-build-it-they-will-come drawback with MDLs, and truly is concerned by it.  The court docket recognized 4 classes of implausibility: (1) no data regarding their publicity to the product in query, (2) no medical proof to help a analysis of the related harm, (3) claims “to have used [the product] in a kind by which it by no means existed,” and (4) “different evidentiary points.”   

To rid the docket of rubbish circumstances, the court docket entered an order requiring 25 plaintiffs to supply comply with up discovery to point out publicity to Paraquat.  What was the outcome?  9 of the 25 plaintiffs chosen for discovery ended up dismissing their circumstances.  That may be a dropout fee simply shy of 40%, which is the share of frivolous circumstances in most MDLs we now have labored in, at the very least by our (skeptical) lights. These dismissals “solely bolstered the Courtroom’s concern in regards to the proliferation of non-meritorious claims on the docket of this MDL.” 


The court docket then requested a Particular Grasp to take a more in-depth take a look at the stock to search for proof of Paraquat publicity. It seems that there was valuable little of such proof.  The court docket then somewhat charitably allowed that this “could also be as a result of such proof  doesn’t exist, or it could as a substitute be as a result of the related documentary proof is within the possession, custody, or management of a 3rd get together.”  Would you care to guess how we’re inserting our wager?

The MDL court docket determined to get right down to actual enterprise. It ordered every plaintiff within the MDL to supply documentary publicity and dosage data, and to subpoena third events if needed. Put up or shut up.  

That may be a nice MDL order.  Is there any hope of compressing one thing like that in proposed Fed. R. Civ. P. 16.1?  One can dream. 

We don’t assume that the Paraquat MDL is an aberration when it comes to the excessive proportion of meritless circumstances. However it’s an aberration when it comes to having a Decide who in a short time bought very severe about forcing plaintiffs to point out they’d precise circumstances, and that they weren’t merely parking lawsuits with the hope of extracting settlement {dollars} after doing no work and having no legitimate claims.  

We intend to debate the Paraquat MDL on the bench and bar convention.  It reveals that the defense-side’s persistent grousing about junk inventories is legitimate.  However, even higher, it reveals how early vetting and placing plaintiffs to their proofs can lighten the docket significantly.  

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