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5 Poses to Reduce Overwhelm

Alternate Nostril Respiration

  1. Discover a snug seated place with a steady base and lengthy backbone.
  2. Utilizing your dominant hand place the index and center finger onto the area between the eyebrow. 
  3. Let your thumb relaxation on one nostril and the ring finger onto the opposite, letting the pinky finger curl in in direction of the palm. 
  4. Take a cycle of breath into each nostrils, then shut the proper nostril and inhale by the left. 
  5. Shut the left after which exhale by the proper.
  6. Inhale by the proper.
  7. Shut the proper after which exhale by the left

Proceed for about 10 rounds. As we transfer by the midline, we’re stimulating each hemispheres of the mind, serving to to create a way of calm and ease.

Neck Circles

  1. Sit up good and tall, decreasing the chin right down to the chest
  2. Draw the chin over to the proper shoulder, to the ceiling, left shoulder and again right down to the chest
  3. Do that about 5 instances on this path, then draw the chin in direction of the proper armpit, take your proper hand and gently information the left ear away from the left shoulder. 
  4. Launch the pinnacle, carry the chin right down to the chest and repeat moving into the wrong way

This motion is massaging the vagus nerve which performs an essential function in shifting us right into a extra parasympathetic nervous system state – the remaining and digest state.

Sleeping Pose into Twist

  1. Lie flat onto the ground 
  2. Bend the elbows like they’re in a cactus place
  3. Look to the proper after which slide the proper knee in direction of the proper elbow as if you’re sleeping.  Keep right here for about 10 breaths
  4. Elevate the pinnacle and slide the proper arm beneath the left arm and lengthen each arms lengthy. So that you’re now facet mendacity with the arms prolonged with palm on prime of palm. 
  5. Start to elevate the left arm to the ceiling (such as you’re drawing a rainbow over your physique) and open right into a supine twist. Keep right here for 10 breaths.
  6. Elevate the left arm again to the ceiling, returning to your facet mendacity and again to mendacity in your entrance.
  7. Repeat on the second facet.

Little one’s Pose

Convey the massive toes to the touch, knees vast and let your seat hook up with your heels or a assist (blanket, cushion, or block). Let the torso relaxation in between the thighs. Arms attain ahead with the elbows and forearms resting on the ground. If potential have the area between the brow relaxation onto the ground or a assist. This could have a really calming impact on the thoughts.

Bringing Down the Heavens (a qigong type)

  1. Standing tall with the ft about shoulders distance aside
  2. The knees are smooth
  3. Attain the arms to the edges and up, imagining as if you’re gathering vitality out of your favorite place in nature.
  4. As soon as the elbows attain ear peak, start to show the palms face down, fingertips level in direction of each other and begin to transfer the arms down by the entrance of the physique. Think about that you simply’re inviting that vitality into the physique, cleansing any emotions of overwhelm.
  5. Repeat this a complete of 3 times.

Hopefully these poses will allow you to to shift any emotions of overwhelm. You’ve bought this! Take it one step at a time.

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